Friday, July 23, 2004

This just feels like the dreariest day ever. I can't even see outside from my office, but the weather's still affecting me. Rainy, humid, and 8PM-style darkness. Ugh. And I'm having concentration issues big time. I just braved the elements for a latte which will hopefully perk me up.

Today the last bit of the 'zine goes to the printer, and I got to see my article all layed (laid? lain?) out, checked the proofs (god bless copy editors -- the things I'd never pick up on, as you can probably tell from how I write on here) ... and it even has a picture! It runs on two pages, and is sandwiched between two ads, which isn't so visually stunning, but could be good, depending on what the ads are for.

One of the funnier ads that always shows up is one for "Science Connection." It's a dating service, and the ad has a drawing of two little lab rats looking at each other lovingly. Aww.

So, yeah, I'll be on newstands in late August! In the shape of 500 words about... well, I can't tell you what it's about now, can I? Suspense! Suspense!


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