Monday, July 05, 2004

The 'rents drove in yesterday to hang in the city. (Yes, drove. Parking was rather free and plentiful in my parts for the holiday.) It was fun, with the exception of the two hours or so described below. Lots of tourists around here. I'd lump my mom into the tourist-esque category. She's smart, I swear, particularly about food science and healthcare related manners, but sometimes she asks the most ridculous questions. For example, upon visiting my apartment, "Are we near ground zero?" Mind you, she's lived here for over 25 years. Sometimes I think she does that to be funny, but it really just scares me.

I'm sitting down to work on my article again. (Granted, the first thing I did was write something for here, but... whatever. I needed a break!)
On Friday I went over it with a staff editor, and she made some really awesome suggestions on how to rework the lede, and reorganize the points of the piece. Okay, so I'm rewriting and reshuffling a whole bunch. But, at least I'm information-wise on the right track.

Magazine news briefs like this are tricky. There's not enough space for a long, prosaic features type of introduction, but it's not your typical newspaper/inverted pyramid set up either. Also, this magazine's audience is in the higher education realm, so you have to explain without being overly simplistic, and it's a challenge knowing when to explain a term or not.

At any rate, I plan on handing this in to the news editor ahead of deadline, because it may need more work. No, it will need more work. But I'm game.


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