Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Ooooo! I saw Prince last night. The details of how I ended up seeing the Prince concert I'll save for another time. Maybe you'll have to ask me in person. But anyway: Prince. WOW he's good. Wow, wow, wow. Glee!

A big welcome to NY for theatre maven, blog neglecter, and all-around awesome friend Heidi. She's here with her cousin for the week, painting the town all sorts of colors. And, of course, as I'm typing this, she calls! And we're going to get together.... tonight! and we're going to ... do... something! Yay!

Also, an advance welcome to NY to ultimate frisbee maven, blog-not-having, and all-around awesome friend Dan, who will be here this weekend hunting for apartments.

Work is still going well. Finished draft two of my first article, and I am typing up some notes from yesterday, when I went to a sort-of press conference about mood enhancement ethics put on by the NYAS. I wouldn't call it breakthrough news, but it was interesting. And watch the paper geek in me come through now: I got excited merely when someone stood up for a question and introduced themselves as "So-and-so from the New York Times." My resulting thoughts: "Hee! I'm at a press conferencey-thing! Hee!"


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