Thursday, July 01, 2004

Anyone want to humor me with some feedback?

You folks are mostly writers or have spent time in the role of "writer," whether it's been for work, for school, or for pleasure.

When sitting down to write, there's times when I just zone out, even though I know what I need to write and I'm on deadline. Writer's block, I suppose.

Does this happen to you? If so, tell me something about it. Do you do any rituals or exercises, purposefully or unconsciously?

In my mini J-school orientation session, we had a professor who did this stream-of-consciousness demonstration in front of the class to show how he writes a news story, and to share what he thinks about. It was weird, but fascinating to watch as he would type, backspace, type, backspace, then say, "and now I go to get a candy bar," and so forth.


[edited to add: I just had a thought that it would be cool if we/someone wrote a book of stories about stupid things we/people do to get over writer's block. This is probably gimmicky and already done, but hey, I also thought Kramer's idea of a coffee table book about coffee tables was frickin' brilliant.]


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