Monday, July 12, 2004

Although the weekend started out planless, it was pretty action-packed. Well, not all "action," but definately packed.

Saturday after a day of cleaning, shopping, pedicuring, and yoga, I finally made it out to Queens to visit my college friend Aimee and her husband Micah. I went with them and their friends to the Bohemian Hall/Beer Garden which is cool as all hell. It's a Czech community center with a HUGE open outdoor space full of picnic tables, serving food and good beer ($12/pitcher!) and enjoyed by all types of folks... families, hipsters, hipster families, etc. I love places like that. So yeah, I rehydrated myself after hot yoga by drinking beer and eating kielbasa. And smoking a lot of cigarettes. I'm sure that's very healthy.

Around midnight, I went to meet up with Kerry and Liz at a hip-hoppy joint on Spring St., complete with booty-shaking and borough-shout outs. How to piss off bouncers? Show up in jeans and a t-shirt (I looked relatively mummy-like compared to all the other women there) and when asked what guest list you're on, roll your eyes and say "Uhm, Joey someone? I forget!" It was on my voicemail, but I didn't feel like checking it. I have low tolerance for club airs. They have low tolerance for people who have low tolerance for club airs. Eh.

Sunday I recouped by sitting in a park by the East River and reading the new David Sedaris book, which is pretty good so far. I think he's sort of mellowed out, become less abrasive. Plus, the book I read in the gay-male-author-telling-tales-of-family-dysfunction genre was by Augusten Burroughs, who is almost ridiculously abrasive.

I also went to Aimee and Micah's friends' salon for an art opening. Yes, salon and art opening. Cool little space, and super friendly owners although the art was just okay. If you're interested, the website is here. Isn't it a cool website? (Shameless friend-promotion.)

I know, I'm rambling. Oh well.

So I'll conclude with the stupidest conversation snippet of this summer.

Guy at clubby-club: "So where do you go when the summer's over?"
Nicole: "I'm in school in Tennessee."
Guy: "Oh! So you're an Arkansas girl!"


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