Saturday, July 31, 2004

All sorts of mini-drama these past few days. Matters of the heart, matters of the dog. Let's talk about the dog.

Wednesday night he started acting kinda funny. For a 17 year old dog he's normally ridiculously perky. The suddenly he started acting weird. Depressed, lethargic, diarrhea. Called his vet, the vet's on vacation. The animal hospital I was referred to? In NJ. Seeing as he wasn't even wanting to walk, I didn't think going to NJ was going to happen. So through chats with the neighborhood dog-walker, I found a vet/hospital nearby. But still, how do you get your non-walking dog to go to the doctor? Well, if he's 30+ lbs. apparently not via taxi. They'd see me, start pulling over, see the dog, and drive away. It was pretty sad. Me and the sick dog, standing on the street corner, stranded. Called the hospital and was referred to the Pet Chauffeur. Car service for dogs. Of course.
Car driver: "Are you coming too?"
Me: blank stare

Apparently people just send their dogs off for grooming, etc. via the service. Oh.

So Binks and I rode the van 4 blocks to a wrought-iron gated townhouse which housed my friendly neighborhood animal hospital on Park and 64th. The place was just a tad high-falutin'.

Apparently I make quite a compelling dog-sitter. While chatting with someone in the lobby about the situation, she asked me for me card.

"My card?"
"Yes, for pet-sitting. I'm very impressed with how you really care about this dog."

Well, for fuck's sake. What else would someone do?

Anyway, it turns out bigger tests need legal waivers from his owner, blah blah. But I got some prescription diet food which seems to be helping Binks and his tummy a whole bunch. He's walking a lot more readily, and things are looking up. Super-special thanks to Aimee for advice, dog expertise, and moral support.

As for my stories of matters of the heart, well, maybe another time.


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