Sunday, June 06, 2004

Woo hoo! DC! Just got in. And too lazy to look for my RJ-whozit cable, so rather than use the hotel's free internet I've instead connected to some random person's wifi. Is this bad?

They flew me in to BWI. What a haul.

Today at the Nashville airport I was one of "those people" with three pieces of luggage to check. I felt guilty enough already, being all clumsy and slow. Then the chipper Southwest desk agent just made my day when he chattered loudly that if he could go to Amsterdam with one bag for 2 months, why couldn't I go to DC with the same amount of luggage, and so on. While I considered various bitchy retorts ("Look if I was going on a trip to somewhere I'd could be (legally) stoned the entire time, I wouldn't care what I was wearing either." or "Gee, if I had a job where I could wear, EVERY SINGLE DAY, that SWELL polo shirt you've got on, maybe I wouldn't need so many clothes, too!") I settled on just staring at him blankly for being such a tool. Worked well enough.

For the period of the orientation I have a roommate (post-doc) who is not here yet. I don't know where my fellow fellows are in this hotel.

So, rather than fellow fellowship, Blake is coming by in a little bit, and we're early dinnering together. Because, y'know, it's been a whole week since we've seen each other!

I'm going to be a good kid and try to get to bed early, since I have to be at the AAAS offices at 9. Also, I'm tired since I stayed up all night packing and getting my room subletter-ready. Who is surprised? Anyone?


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