Thursday, June 24, 2004

I've said this before, but I blame my blog craze on Jerry. He said he thought I'd dig it, and boy, was he right. For one, it's great to be able to keep up with what my college friends and acquaintances are doing. And maybe I'm biased, but I also think they're a very talented set of writers, and I really dig what they've got to say.

And slowly my links extended to friends of friends, and a few "random" folks. Also aforementioned, I serendipitously discovered the country boy in NYC's page. So after a few emails, when given a chance to meet the country boy when he came to Nashville, I obliged... and got stood up! I think I teased him enough about that when we finally did meet yesterday. Also, going out for drinks and a really fab italian dinner in my 'hood did make up for it. So thanks to both the msv and the rob for a night of great food and better conversation.

Work-wise, I'm completely loving the 'zine business, and I've been really busy this week. The other fellow (fellow as in "having a fellowship", not gender) and I are primarily involved with the editorial side of things, but we've been meeting people on the advertising and marketing side this week, to get more of an idea how a magazine works as a whole. Projectwise I've been editing, doing lit. searches and fact checking for feature stories. Most excitingly, I've just gotten my first few writing assignments, which I'm totally excited about, so I have to set up interviews and do some brainstorming for those projects as well.

Fellowship program-wise, I have a informal report for the coordinators in DC, and that's due tomorrow. Homework! Eek! I best move along and get a start on that now.


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