Monday, June 28, 2004

It's heartwarming story time. Naturally, since I decided not to bring in my umbrella on Friday, it rained cats, dogs, sheep, platypi, etc. that evening. Chatting with my fellow elevator passenger on the way out, she noticed I didn't have an umbrella, and offered to go all the back up to her office on the 22nd floor and find an extra one for me. We were past security and everything.

"Really, how often do you get to help random people?" she said.

Love it. Filled with random nice person bliss, and wielding a golf umbrella which could have doubled as a parachute, I made my way home, and invited an umbrellaless couple walking up to the subway stop on 59th and Lex. to share it with me. Hopefully that made up for the number of people I accidentally smacked in the head with it. (This umbrella was seriously freaking huge. I could hardly hold it straight!)

Random nice person bliss lasts a long time for me, so passing Dylan's Candy Bar on the way to work this morning, I picked up a little candy tin to return with the umbrella. By the way, if you have a candy fetish, you need to check this place out. Chocolate and candy rarely excites me, but this store blew me away.

In other news, I revisited the clubby-club experience this Saturday with Liz and Kerry, my friends since grammar school and embryonic development, respectively. Liz's cousin chose Spirit for her birthday celebration. It was an experience indeed, but I think the average age of the crowd was 18. Yeex.

And while it's amusing to watch people dressed in feathers and unicorn outfits throw glitter around, I find the side notes are more interesting. The trip there involved being in a car which drove on a sidewalk. I won't name names, but being European is *not* an excuse for sidewalk-driving! Another side note: nothing beats watching the sunrise with friends while drinking coffee and eating disco fries at a Jersey diner. Good times.


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