Thursday, June 17, 2004

I'll never take any publication's Letters to the Editor section for granted ever again. Editing it is much harder than I anticipated. It's not just choosing good letters, but it's also working the letters so that they are concise, make sense (without any input of your own, stylistically,) and of course, meet the word limit specs.

Starting out by working on purely neuroscience (albeit cognitive) content is a good thing, since I feel much more familiar with brain stuff than say, particle physics. Also, who gives a shit about particle physics? (Just kidding, particle physicists!)

It's funny how the science and science communcations folk naturally divide between being life science-oriented, or more geared towards the physical sciences. I imagine this hypothetical grade school dance, where there's biologist types lining up against one wall, and physical scientists standing at the wall on the opposite side of the gym. Sometimes I want to dance and mingle with the other side, other times I just want to ask people on my side to come with me to the bathroom so we can fix our hair, and giggle about carbon-based life processes.

Or something.


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