Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I had an indescribable amount of fun this Memorial Day weekend, and it was a nice break from the crazy mess which is finishing-up-work and getting-ready-to-move. Thanks to my awesome traveling companions, and thanks to Blake and his 'rents for the great food and cocktails (no one brought Boone's; we had martinis instead) and for being the epitome of southern hospitality.

Besides sunning, swimming, and all-around beachbumming on Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island, we also stopped at St. Simon's Island on the way down, and went to a Memorial Day party in some artspace-y loft in downtown Jacksonville. And speaking of that party, if you haven't seen it yet, do check out Hipster Bingo. (shout out to Todd H. for telling me about this way back when). Fun stuff.

Other "games" we played:
* You say, "A1A", I scream "Beachfront Avenue".
* How can we make this conversation be about Nicole's ass being huge?
* How can we make this conversation be about how Nicole should spend more time trying to get laid?
* Johnny Cash covers ____ : Singing songs by Tori Amos and assorted pop divas, Man in Black style.
* Is he or isn't he (coming from Pensacola)?: Checking out the boys of I-75.

And more.

I love you guys. So does my huge ASS.


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