Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I am, in fact, alive. Since Thursday I've been recovering from what seems to be food poisoning. Whatever it was, it was BAD. I've been mostly tired from dehydration issues. Here's a fun visual for ya: I was so dehydrated my fingertips were pruny. Yech! Happily, I'm significantly more hydrated now.

Regardless of this, I managed to make it to work on Monday, commuting in from my parents' place in Jersey (not too bad, about 20 minutes even with morning traffic.) I've already gotten a few assignments, including putting together a Letters to the Editor section for their 2nd special "Mind" edition (read: neuroscience-related articles... go figure) and picking a research institution to explore in the future in order to find leads. Very cool. I've also been doing a lot of reading to familiarize myself with the publication, and have been going through some feature story files in order to see how a feature goes from 1st draft to finished product.

I'm quite happy that they're giving me a good deal of independence at work. Also, I actually have a real, honest-to-god office -- with a door, a desk, a computer -- all to myself. Wow!

Last night I spent my first night at my apartment, which is in the Upper East Side. It's safe to say my monthly salary does not cover 25% of the average rent in this neighborhood. I live in an older apartment building, but it's still probably newer than my "classic, historic" Nashville apartment. (Whatever euphemism you want to use for "freekin' old.")
The apartment itself is relatively large, and contains lots of books, papers, and musical instruments. There's some bongos, a trumpet, a keyboard, a gong, and a piano in the living room. Probably more that I haven't discovered yet. Decorwise, it 's a cozy, grandmotherly sort of place.

Tonight my parents, my uncle, and maybe another relative or two are driving in from Jersey to visit, bring my other suitcase, and probably go for dinner. This should prove... interesting.

Well, excuse this random, late, and somewhat disjointed post. Of course, I have so much to write about, but I need to get back to work this morning. Just wanted to pop in to let ya know that I'm back on my feet, and up and at 'em. Yee-haw!


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