Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Beware the fact-checkers! Or any reporter or editor whose job is to gather information. These people know the power of the search engine.

I know you can find out quite a fair bit about me by Googling my name, such as, well, this website. There's also my one second-authored research publication, one-liners about my research, and... oh look, right there on top, that I rank ninth, right below the word "penis", in referrals over here. Well.... well. Hey, who's stalking me?

At any rate, I knew about the Google things but have been only recently acquainted with my other search engine presences. Just recently a fact-checker here showed me how to use Lexis-Nexis. For the hell of it, we put in my name as one of the searches. I figured, what could really come up there? And the first headline was one I *completely* forgot about. It goes a little something like this:

ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION, (2 photos) Student N- G- celebrates while participating in frozen turkey bowling as part of Oglethorpe University's Geek Week events...

So there's my workplace identification: magazine intern, neuroscience grad student, frozen turkey bowler.
I had a bit of explaining to do that day.

(By the way, we can thank the Yellow Peril for setting up that particular event. She's an expert in the origins and particulars of frozen turkey bowling.)


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