Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Yesterday I found two of my paper journals from around the end of last year. One was a running journal, where I was recording my routes, times, etc. It only spanned about four months, ending about the time of my skiing injury.

The other was a log of what and how much I was eating and drinking. For health reasons, namely. With the exception of a few days here and there, it goes back at least half a year, and was always really detailed. I think I was just unleashing my Inner Accountant.

Also, at work, I keep a lab notebook with daily records of the experiments I do, results, etc. Although it's part of the lab's records, it's kind of a diary of sorts as well, because I write notes to myself about how things went, complete with smiley faces and/or curse words (it's very professional.)

It occurred to me that, in conjunction with this blog and my desk calendar (which has social and work appointments on it alike), I could pick a date, and cross-reference all aforementioned items to fully reconstruct days, or even a whole week in painstaking detail.

Good example: How a day began with a fast, long run and hearty breakfast, leading into a full day of work, after which I got home early enough to play around in the kitchen and make a fun, fancy dinner concoction.

Bad example: How inconsistent data leads into an evening of bar-hopping, and perhaps a four martini dinner. The next day, not much eating, running, or work gets done.

Yeah, I'm kind of scared too.


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