Saturday, May 01, 2004

When making Powerpoint presentations, I always seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on deciding the font and background to use. However, I have decided on Avant Garde and Pixel. Now that's progress, folks.

Tonight I'm off to volunteer at the Cinco de Mayo party/silent auction/fundraiser for the Susan Gray School. (Yes, it's on May 1st... they just figure more people can make it on a Saturday.)

Today I helped out a little with the decorations, including larger-than-life-sized cartoon cutouts of colorful multi-cultural disabled children. (It's a lot cuter than it sounds.)

Tonight I serve margaritas for a bit, then schmooze about why neurodevelopment research rocks, and therefore why one should bid on some of the many fabulous items, including bookoos (sp?) of autographed sports and country music memorabilia, or lunch with Famous Sports Figures, Famous Country Musicians, and (not-really-)Famous Neuro. and Psych. Researchers.

So, basically tonight for me is:
1. Neuroscience
2. Eating
3. Drinking
4. Shopping

Good deal. Should be fun!


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