Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Ugh. Busy. Now, crashing. I was moving along at a steady clip, but I think I didn't induce protein expression today (read: lab shit done fucked up) which would set me back a few. For me, in the lab, failure is always draining.

I've been working pretty hard lately, with the big prize being... yes, yes, moving to NY for the summer, but that will come anyway. What I'm really jonesing for, however, is the memorial day weekend trip I planned before I knew I had gotten this fellowship. Blake invited a bunch of us to hang at his folks house at Fernandina Beach, so the game plan is to drive to the ATL, pick up Heidi and perhaps kidnap Casey, then go to the beach and drink and fry.

Which brings me to a very good question that Heidi brought up:

What's your favorite flavor of Boone's Farm?

(my tentative answer: does it really matter?)


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