Friday, May 21, 2004

It's starting to hit me that I leave Nashville in a little over two weeks. June 6th I'm off to DC for orientating. Then, June 9th, to New York.

I've secured a subletter for my half of the apartment this summer. Now that my apartment is taken care of, I've been looking at NYC sublets, now with a little more gusto.

For a while I was considering living at home for free. However, let's just take a trip down memory lane, from past reports when I've been at home.

1: My parents are crazy. My parents are really, really crazy.

2: I always think I'm going to get the most out of my ticket by taking long trips up here, but only when I get here am I reminded that staying at my parents' house drives me batty. I miss my apartment. And its water pressure.

Thank you, Nicole of Holiday Past. 'nuff said.

Happily, The Bank of Dad has pre-approved a loan, so this helps quite a bit.


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