Wednesday, May 05, 2004

It's OVER!

Smart of me to schedule my meeting only two hours before a seminar that everyone wanted to go to. Not like I did that on purpose, but it moved things along.

1 hour & 45 minutes later, committee meeting number three went well. Well enough at least.

Three silly things that drive me nuts about committee meetings:

1. Providing food. I know that it's just a nice gesture, but it's just One More Thing To Do. I totally cut in line during lunch-rush-hour at Alpine Bagel today. I feel a little bad.

2. The part where everyone gets to the room, then they make you leave so they can talk about you for a while in private. So you stand out in the hallway slumped up against the copier, fridge, what have you, or just pace endlessly. Usually for five or ten minutes.

3. The part where the meeting wraps up, and then they shoo you away again to talk about you in private some more. Pacing, or slumping against the wall continues. Today for at least ten minutes, which felt like eons.

Well, I'm still standing.
After all this time...

And now, I need to nap. Or sit outside. Or drink. Or drink outside, then nap.

It's freekin' gorgeous out today.


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