Thursday, May 13, 2004

It's graduation time at Vandy. Chairs are set, tents are raised, lawns are painted green. Strawberries and champagne will be served. Men in seersucker suits will come out of the ground like a brood of cicadas. (Ok, not really, but I find that to be a very funny mental image. And I'm tired.)

In my typical apolitico style, I skipped seeing Condoleezza speak at "Senior Day" this morning, but on my way in I did see a lot of protesters comingled with the hungover undergrads and their families.

My former roommate Gabriela is in town to walk in the commencement ceremony tomorrow, and I'll be playing the role of her Personal Photographer.

To celebrate her mastering of Education, a bunch of us are going to Chu tonight. I hate agreeing with Cody, but from those pictures it admittedly does look "like they stole the Kitchen Stadium set."

Hopefully I'll stay awake til then. Last night I was up til 1:30 dancing to indie n' brit rock at The End, then Gabriela and I late-night chatted til about 3. And I woke up at 8. I need more sleep.


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