Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I am officially a card-carrying Tennessean. This morning I spent 3 hours at the DMV (or whatever it's called here) to trade in my soon-to-expire Jersey license for a TN one. I scanned my NJ one in for posterity, but am glad to see it go, as the TN license looks a lot more realistic (it's not a laminated piece of cardboard, namely.) Also, I think I look pretty good in this new one. I always have luck with the photo IDs. Maybe because I actually gussy up for 'em. (I so girly.)

Just so you know, I'm slowly learning my way around picture-posting on here. Soon I hope to image-ify this blog.

But for now, I can only link-ify. And here's something fun: Thanks to Casey, Heidi and Google, I just found out that a guy who attended school with me at Oglethorpe is now a famous gay porn star. Well, if it who we think it is. Anyone who can attest to this guy's identity, if you recognize him, please share.

We wondered if he followed the porn name = middle name plus street name growing up formula. If so, I just gotta say, anyone whose middle name is "Dick" and grew up on "Wolf" street is made for the porn industry.

My alma mater has also been the college home of Southeast porn store mogul Michael Morrisson, founder of the stores formerly known as 9 1/2 weeks, now Inserection, and other sex shops.

I'm so proud!


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