Friday, April 02, 2004

Obvious from my lack of wine recommendations, I haven't been very diligent about attending wine tasting classes this "semester." Many Mondays I have a double-whammy of seminars, and by the time 6PM rolls around I'm busy, or tired. (Clearly, if I'm saying that I'm too busy or too tired to drink expensive wine with good friends, my priorities are all wrong. But anyway.)

Through these classes, my group of wine-afficionado neuroscientist friends have come to meet a very talented pianist by the name of Will Barrow (not "wheelbarrow",) whose trio (the "Will Barrow Trio", that is) plays jazz, traditional and Brazilian. We, (the "wine snobs") attended his April Fools party last night at his friend's Green Hills home. For an April 1st party, it was lacking in foolery but did have lots of great music.

This was another one of times where I was just loving Nashville's overwhelming concentration of diverse and talented musicians. Every once in a while, very impromptu, someone would join in and it's as if they all had practiced together forever. It amazes me, being a definitively non-musically talented person, how people can just grab their fiddle, guitar, bongo, whathaveyou, get together to play and sound incredibly tight and smooth. Music ranged from R&B and soul, to bluegrass and old-time country, back to their usual jazz/lounge thang. My contributions only consisted of applause and song requests. Oh, and a bottle of 2001 Alamos Malbec, which retails for only ~$10, and was appreciated by many.
(there, I got my bourgie wine rec. in)


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