Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Now here's a fun situation.

I decided the mature way to address this was to talk first, write after things were discussed. So, things were discussed. And here I am.

A few weeks ago, when using the common, shared computer in my lab, I saw an unfamiliar blog address in the history. Since I don't use the work computers to blog-hop, my interest was piqued. So I clicked.

Well what do you know. It was something written by a friend/coworker. Furthermore, the first entry was not only about various mutual friends ... but!
Even better!
A full three paragraphs were written about ME. More accurately, about how much I suck, and what a shitty friend I am. Also, out of context "quotes" of mean things I've allegedly said about other people. To boot, everyone only had a one or two lines of only nice things about them... I on the other hand... DAMN.

In brief, keywords would consist of:
"not a keeper"
"drunk often"
... or words of such merit.

So then, wow. What in HELL does one do with that? Besides the obvious feelings (hurt, pissed), I felt somewhat guilty. Then I realized, wait, this is something on the Internet. Not my fault that I found this. But how to deal with it? Maybe she didn't realize it was on the 'net, and this is just her way of venting. Do I bring it up in person? Do I get all passive-aggressive and just write about it on here?

After deciding that I'm going to just forget about it, that it's just meaningless, I realized weeks later that, nope, I'm still pissed and I need to bring this up in person. That's the mature thing to do, to talk it out.

Let me tell you, it takes a lot to bring this up, especially when the aforementioned author does not act as if anything is wrong.

Finally, yesterday, the conversation happened. From my end, pretty much in the vein of, "Look. I read your blog. You have problems with me. Let's talk." And so forth.

I admitted that there were some bits of truth in her bitching, but in all, the criticisms were pretty fucking harsh.

Her responses included: She was venting. Her boyfriend told her she should do a "friend audit." (Apparently there's a surplus only on Nicoles.)

And that's about it.

She leaves for class. I don't see her until she comes to work the next day. Work continues. We act civil.

This might be worse than before. I'm not sure.

Maybe trying to act civil was my biggest mistake.

But, hey, at least now I know where I stand, right?
Here's to the educational experience.


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