Saturday, April 24, 2004

I'm going to see Stereolab tonight. Am currently awaiting other showgoers. In the meantime, Introductions.

Jerry announced he was moving to Spain with Patricio. Barcelona, in fact. Barcelona! The lucky devil. Already an accomplished writer, he announced he was keeping a blog. "A blog what?" I wondered. After checking out his site, I thought to myself, ah, clearly this is a way for people to announce all their cool goings-on when they're doing cool things like moving to Spain. Not for me, then. I live in Nashville; I'm traveling nowhere. Pshaw with this blog-business!

Flash-forward to November, when I went to visit friends in Atlanta. A dreadful sunny day where I took a walk with Brandon around the Oakland Cemetery. Brandon also blogs. Although not doing something crazyfun like moving to a new country, Brandon is all techno-compu-saavy, so clearly this blog business is all about either a) you're doing exciting things like moving to Barcelona or b) you're hanging around computers all day, so why not keep a blog. Again, I thought, hmm, I am unqualified for this blogging business. Then Brandon mentions that Natalie is keeping a blog. At this point all I know is that a) Natalie has a lot of friends who all went to the dim-sum birthday brunch I crashed that morning, b) she is not moving to Barcelona, and c) is not a computer "geek" (I use the term geek affectionally; don't hate me.)

So, at this point I figured why not set this blog business up and give it a shot; let's have at it!

After hitting "Post & Publish," I was directed to the Blogger homepage, where they list the most recently published blogs. I clicked one, and it belonged to Michael Vernon. Koinkydinks ensue. For one, he had written about the usage of the phrase "bling-bling" by Continental Airlines at their Newark hub. He as shocked as I. We both wrote about those google ad things on the exact same day. Moreover, he was from the Nashville area, and moved to New York. I'm from the New York area, and have moved to Nashville. As if this wasn't just a cool way to keep up with friends, it also becomes a cool way to "meet" new people.

So there ya go. Power to the blog.


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