Sunday, April 04, 2004

Happy Daylight Saving Time. ("saving" and not "savingS"... right? Help me, literate ones.)
Since I'm a chronic oversleeper, I was all excited that I woke up before noon today without setting my alarm clock(s), only to discover that it was really after noon due to the time change. Dang.

Sometime Friday I realized my parents are coming to town very very soon (this Thursday, in fact), so this weekend has been full of cleaning, shopping, errand running, etc. Let the madness begin.

Random funny things to share:

1) I drove past a chi-chi Belle Meade beauty salon with a sign that read: "Tan your bunnies for Easter"

Is it just me, or does this make you think about people skinning rabbits? Cute, fluffy bunny wabbits, in fact? Well, it made me sad.

2) I'm going to DC soon, and was checking Pollstar to see if anyone interesting was going to be in town... when I found this:

04/17/04 - Vanilla Ice - Gallaudet University

There are so many ways to follow that up, but I personally can not do it justice. Your suggestions are welcome, however.
(Gallaudet is a university for the deaf, by the way.)


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