Thursday, April 15, 2004

And they're out. It snowed here in Nashville yesterday (yes... "snow", "Nashville", and "yesterday") so my parents had their flight delayed a few hours, but besides that, happy traveling.

I took them to my wine tasting class on Monday, which was on all sparkling wines/champagnes. I'm glad we got to go since the sommalier had picked out some really nice stuff. I kept the very pretty (but alas, then empty) hand-painted bottle from the 1990 Perrier-Jouet Fleur de Champagne. I can look at it and pretend I had a reason to buy a $100 bottle of champagne. Out of the "bargain" champagne (a wine snob's bargain is about ~$40 minimum, apparently), I liked the Taittinger Brut Reserve best.

Continuing on the theme of drinking (imagine that!), Tuesday was the wine showcase, where the distributors set up their wines for unlimited tasting. Like last year, there were about 50 or so different wines, but the only one that stands out in my mind is the Catena Malbec, which I knew was going to be good anyway. I'm all about the Catena. We stayed at Sunset for dinner, where my dinner party played an embarrassingly loud and immature game of Musical Cellphones, so I'd like to publicly apologize for any drunk dials.

As if I wasn't already eating and drinking with complete disregard for my budget, tonight we celebrated Leigh's birthday at tayst.

Did I mention that I'm leaving for DC on Friday? I'm leaving for DC on Friday. But I'm really tired now, so I'll write about that later.


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