Monday, March 08, 2004

Whew. Busy times.

Brain Blast! was this past Saturday and it went well. I always enjoy volunteering for this, but doing the behind-the-scenes work was very rewarding as well. Once all the booths got up and running, I was able to have fun just sitting in on different activities and talking to visitors and volunteers. I also played photographer and took tons of pictures. A link to pictures may be forthcoming. I came to realize that not only do I like kids a lot more than I had thought, but also, if I have kids, I'm going to be one of "those people" with gigabytes of pictures. There's no telling what'll happen if I have a digital video camera, too. Brace yourself, guys.

Also, the weather was beautiful, and the wind wasn't so bad, so the Brain Balloon got inflated for part of the day, too. It really was.... something else.

According to the statistic-keepers, 940 people came through the museum during Brain Blast! Supposedly we were on the local TV news, but I missed it. I did however find this in the Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle. Ok, stylistically-speaking, this article totally sucks. But, dude, my name's in it! I also think I may have been misquoted. I remember making it a point to say that volunteers were graduate students AND other Vanderbilt-associated people. And "youngsters"? C'mon now.

Also, if someone can take a guess at why this paper is called the "Leaf-Chronicle," I'd love to hear it, 'cause I'm stumped. Is it like leaves of paper? Or are there a lot of trees in Clarksville?

Moving on...
Saturday night was spent schlepping around bars on Elliston. Sunday I slept for hours on end, and then, in the evening, I chilled at Bongo Java (home of the Nun Bun) to take care of paperwork stuff.
I've returned to doing lab work today, and will probably be here late tonight trying to catch up on work here (bummer).

Additionally, my media fellowship interview is set for Wednesday morning at 10/9 Central. Cross all available digits.


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