Sunday, March 28, 2004

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful: sunshine, blue skies, a light breeze. Although it's supposed to rain later today, we've had about 5 days or so of amazing weather.

I woke up feeling kind of blah this morning, so now I'm just taking it easy and sitting outside, vegging, reading, writing, and drinking coffee. I'm also enjoying the peculiar mix of small city outdoorsy noises: wind rustling through trees, birds singing loudly, gentle and constant whooshing of cars driving down West End, and a far-off contruction site's periodical metal-clinking and wood-thudding sounds. All together it's kind of pretty. Maybe I'm just in a good mood. What's up with that? Must be the sunshine.

A few minutes ago I turned on my laptop's wireless internet and realized I could even log on from sitting outside my apartment. And here I am. How about that technology for ya. Sure I could sit outside at a cafe or on the Vandy campus and do this, but from this little picnic bench area I can quickly shuffle back inside for free coffee refills. It's the little things, ya know?

Yeex. A wasp just flew into my face. Ok, there are drawbacks. Still, this weather rocks.

Now, randomly, to share two pieces of ear candy which made yesterday, a sunshiney day spent indoors at work (blech!), much more bearable:
1)'s Britpop channel. Thanks to Natalie for the heads-up on that one.
2) 3 by the Butchies. A shout-out to Todd for that rec., and for bringing me along to their 12th and P show on Wednesday (which was really good yet highly underattended.)

Speaking of which, I'm really enjoying finding band diaries (example) to be entertaining post-show reads.

And now, off for more reading material, and more coffee.... shuffle, shuffle.


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