Monday, March 01, 2004

Never mind dogs eating homework. Never mind blaming society. This weekend I discovered, through several conversations with my roommate, that my favorite flavor of excuse is "art."

My roommate had mentioned how she doesn't care for designer clothes or knowing who is wearing who, when I attempted to explain my interest in the world of haute couture. I don't feel the need to go into debt over personally owning or wearing the best and latest, but I do have favorite designers, and love going to boutiques, reading magazines, or watching Style to check out clothing trends. And if I had the money, I'd probably splurge on a few high-end clothing items or accessories. I explained to her that my interest in these things is more from the design perspective, and how choices in clothing cuts, patterns and fabrics are like choosing canvas or paper textures, types of paint, etc. In a similar discussion about makeup, I justfied my multiple Sterilite-shoebox collection of cosmetic and hair products as not neccessarily for looking "done up", but rather these items were tools to play, be creative and experiment with new appearances.

Then at another point this weekend she and I were talking about men's bodies, and I said that in the past I never noticed body types, but after dating a particularly well-built guy, I came to appreciate muscular guys. I further explained that I admired the transformation of one's body into having solid lines and definition through weightlifting, almost "like sculpture." It was at this point my roommate noted,
"You relate lots of things of art."

And I concur. I think I've used reasoning along these lines to also explain why I covet high-end furniture and appliances, such as Eames chairs, Alessi teapots, and Dualit toasters. Who knows where else I've employed the art excuse.

So what I'd like to really know about myself now is this: do I simply have a genuine appreciation for art/design and do I honestly enjoy incorporating creativity into everyday aspects of life? OR am I merely trying to cerebralize my interest in fluffy things like clothes, cosmetics, hair, housewares, and muscle-y shirtless boys?


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