Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Last night was the last of the community neuroscience lecture series, so that's one less responsibility to deal with. I'm all about the cause and the far-reaching effects of our humanitarian efforts. However, I have become far too familiar with the weight and unwieldiness of the public outreach literature distributed by Vandy, the NIH and Dana. I also have boxes of said materials piled in my car. If anyone is interested in a small care package of brain research info (topics ranging from stress, neurodegeneration, eating disorders, etc) lemme know ... it's pretty cool stuff, both in content and in some cases, in style (graphics/layout.)

[On the topic of getting in touch with me, note that you can now AOL IM me with a swift click of a link in the sidebar to the right. So high tech! Eventually I'll get around to adding some more links. In the meantime, all roads lead to ME.]

Last night's talk was held in Nashville's main public library, and it was my first visit there. All I got around to seeing last night was the lobby and auditorium, but it's very cool looking, so I want to go back and check out the rest. The lobby is huge, with marble floors and countertops. I was very impressed by just that much. I hope that when I go back I'll get to see some rooms with books in them, because that would also be impressive.

That just made me think of my undergrad library, which is visually stunning, but I'm not really sure how good it is library-wise, because I can hardly remember ever using it.

After the talk I went to the Predators game, part of a group outing with fellow grad students. (The Jumbotron specifically read "NEURO. SCIENCE STUDENT ORG.") Muy fun. Preds won. Five-one. (I'll stop rhyming now.) They got five goals, which apparently means I can get a free taco from Taco Bell with my ticket stub. One WHOLE taco!

I was thinking that they could have some sort of ticket stub drop box at the exit for people like me who 1) lose paper, 2) don't save ticket stubs and 3) don't need to be eating Taco Bell, and then give free tacos away to people who just need something to eat, period.

All this talk about tacos makes me want... coffee.


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