Tuesday, March 23, 2004

It seems that with my bursts of productivity come bursts of procrastination.... or in some cases, out and out debauchery. Saturday was filled with errand-running and experiment-running, but by evening, although I had planned for retiring early, I ended up staying out to the wee hours of the morning and then some.

For a while I sort of maxed out on going to 23, but revisited on Saturday and the music was refreshingly good. Also refreshingly, there's the Hangar One. Why isn't this stuff more popular? SO GOOD.

Anyhoo, for all the chi-chi/upscale/loungy-ness 23 promotes, I have never, ever seen more bar fights anywhere than I have seen at this place. Upon arriving Saturday, I was greeted by twenty-five or so military-looking guys getting kicked out, and they left brawling, wrestling, screaming about whores, and waving around wads of cash. Please.

Also, long-time readers may recall how I strangely went through crushing on or dating the namesakes of the 727Myrtle/Atlanta house of party-throwing fame. I'm purposely being vague, but let's just say I've completed that series, thanks to someone whose name is a derivative of "Jerry." Crazy, eh?

In other news, maybe I'm just biased because of my little "student government" stint, but I think we've been having some interesting Brain Awareness-series talks here. Last week was a talk by a neurophilosophist from UCSD presenting a very different sort of spin on science than we usually get. I'm currently reading The End of Stress as We Know It, which is supposed to be in the vein of Sapolsky and Ledoux's books. So far... mm, well, it's okay. Then again, I'm only 50 pages or so into it. Anyways, he's talking tonight and tomorrow (public today, technical tomorrow.)

I'm just looking at the back of this book and see that they categorize it as "self help/health." I've always wondered who determines how books get categorized. I have a love/hate relationship with the self-help section of bookstores. Sometimes there's a good book or two, but much of it is muy, muy crappy.

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