Sunday, February 15, 2004

Spent the majority of this weekend cleaning. A messy person is bad; a messy person who can't move around a lot is worse -- serious clutter buildup. Things are looking better now, though.

Injury update: By Wednesday I felt a lot more mobile and I was very cavalier about my neck/back injury. I started doing crazy things like: turning my head (oooh!), bending over to pick things up (gasp!) and DRIVING to a dentist's appt. TEN blocks away (whoa!). Not a smart idea. I paid for that wild, reckless behaviour! By Friday the back spasms returned. Been taking it easy since. Taking it easy, however, is boring. Now I wish I still had NetFlix. I also wish I had a nice couch.

Valentine's Day update: I spoke briefly with someone I used to have a crush on. Yep, that's about it.

I know this sounds like an excuse for not getting any, but I found being single on V-Day to be very freeing. It's the first time in about eight or so years that I've been single on V-Day, and it's good in a "change of pace" sort of way. Really. Tough to understand if you haven't been there... and if you haven't, then you're going to think I'm full of shit no matter what I write, so I'll just let this topic slide now...

anyways, a belated happy Valentine's Day!
I heart YOU.


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