Monday, February 02, 2004

How about some wine recs?

Tonight I resumed attending wine tasting (see Wine 202) at Sunset Grill. I've missed the first few classes of this "semester" due to illness, busyness, etc. Tonight's theme was South America (now that we're "advanced", we're going by region, which is fun because we can guess the varietals... although it gets difficult when you throw blends and lesser known grapes into the mix...)

My two favorites from tonight:

The Familia Zuccardi Torrontes: A good one for Pinot Grigio lovers like myself, I think, and only 9$ to 12$ per bottle. It's from the Mendoza Valley region of Argentina: crisp, peachy, fruity, a nice acidity and long finish.

And the best one tonight by far was a Cab by Nicholas Catena, who we're told is like the Mondavi of Argentina/S.A (he makes the Alamos wines, which are pretty popular). It's another Mendoza Valley one. Everyone loved it: medium tannins, full and classic, and reminicent of currants and cigars. This one prices at 18$ to 22$/bottle... expensive for my cheap self, but it's damn good.


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