Monday, February 16, 2004

Ah, small victories.

At the end of each wine tasting class, we have an informal quiz on random wine related things (names of regions, varietals, fermenting proccesses, etc.). Since I skip lunch a lot (bad, I know) I'm usually at least tipsy at the end of class, so even if I know the answer, I never raise my hand fast enough.
Today he threw a curveball by following two rather hard questions (some things about anthocyans and wine regions of South Africa) with this one:

Name your favorite wine of the day, and tell us why.

Apparently people hate essay questions, because no one jumped on this one. So I rambled off some stuff and presto, I won a Riedel glass! I have no idea what line its from, and it might just be the everyday variety, but I don't care: it's purty and makes a nice sound when you tap it. So, yay. I own a piece of glassware I can justifiably refer to as a "stem."

(Read more about Riedel frippery here:

Back to doing my presentation/slides for the lab meeting I'm giving tomorrow morning. Argh.


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