Saturday, January 24, 2004

Yesterday was my friend Nellie's birthday and festivities started with dinner at mambu, a restaurant in an old house a few blocks down from my place. It actually used to be a doctor's office, too, as a native Nashvillian who works in my lab told me, they even used to do surgeries there, too. Crazy. Anyway, food. It's got your typical fusion fare ("sesame encrusted...", "...with mango chutney", "...with (wasabi/roastedredpepper/saffron) mashed potatoes", "...drizzled with lingonberry sauce.") and a pretty darn kickass martini list. There was nine of us, which I thought was good since it was big enough/small enough to make for good table-talk.

Afterwards, more people joined us as we headed to Ken's Karaoke Box for ... hmm, guess what. Ken's is great because it has private rooms where you can just wail on the mic for all of your friends, and spare everyone some embarrassment. Plus in the rooms there's big couches to lounge on, and the server comes by every once in a while for sushi and drink orders. Or to mop up wine that gets knocked over by people flinging the mic cords around (no, it was not me.)
I guess it's typically Filipino of me to like karaoke, but I do like it... a LOT. I can't sing in tune at all, but I really enjoy it. We did a variety of musical genres, from karaoke classics like the carpenters, to boy bands old and new, to freestyle/club tracks (remember the Real McCoy?), and more. They had an impressive selection of songs to choose from. Unfortunately, I've been sick all this week, and that, plus karaoke, has totally ruined my voice. I believe it was my rendition of Smells Like Teen Spirit that did me in. I can hardly speak, and when I do, my voice skips and cracks and varies in tone like I'm speaking over a bad PA system. Not fun.

Anyway, post-karaoke we went to tribe, then mafioza's (I hate the name/kitsch of this place, but the kitchen's open til 3), where I ate too much pizza, making me feel way icky this morning.

I should stay home and recover, but I think I'm going to check out my neighbor's jazz-fusion band thing tonight.

Hm. Thinking about all that I write about on here, can you even tell I'm in school? I feel like I never talk about lab life. Bad grad student, bad.


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