Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Work-wise, I've been pretty productive these past few days...until today. All good streaks of intensity/diligence must come to some end, I suppose. I had a migrane last night and this morning, and just felt shitty all together. So I didn't go into work... not a big deal because what I needed to do there I can do better at home. However, being sick, today I've mostly just been laying around.... otherwise I spent my day (in order from earliest to latest): waiting for my hard drive to defragment (does that normally take long?), ordering high-speed internet (cable), trying to figure out how to set up a wireless network in my home, watching Cribs, reading about stroke, and playing with the layout of my grant proposal for the AHA to squoosh it down to 6 pages. It's 10 pages now, so I'm thinking I'm STILL going to have to edit big time (I didn't realize they wanted 12 point font, and was using 11 point, which the NIH lets you use. Argh.). I was hoping to get the grant done by this past Sunday... but now it's looking like I'll be lucky if I get it done by tomorrow night. The deadline isn't til the 15th, but ya need to get signatures from various campus admins. before submitting it. That, and what I really want to focus on is working on an application for a science journalism fellowship, which, as you might guess, I'd SO love to get a chance to do... so much that it's almost unnerving. It's super-competitive though; they only take 15-20 fellows, and it's a nationwide program. So cross all digits for me on that one. That application's due the 15th, too. Whee!

That all being said, I'm getting back to work. For real, yo.

Oh, new roommate is cool by the way. Unemployed, but cool. I'll write how that's going another time.


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