Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Who doesn't want to write about ischemia anymore? Me! It's break time.

So, here's something of the ear-candy variety I've been meaning to share. There's this great band called Forget Cassettes, who are from Nashville. They play them a lot on the Vandy station, WRVU. I'm not sure if I have a random, perhaps unhealthy, obsession with this band, or if they're really good, so here's a link so you can decide for yourself. Also, I'm not good at writing about music (it's like dancing about architecture, right?) so it's best to check it out on your own.

Don't think that's going to stop me from writing more about them though.

I just saw them (for the 3rd-ish time) at The End last night, and they completely rocked out. In fact, I do think they've gotten better each time I've seen them. The singer somewhat reminds me of PJ Harvey, with softer, beautiful, melodic vocals juxtaposed against passionate, eviscerating bursts of intensity. Their music goes from rhythmic, light, minimalistic notes into this all out guitar/feedback/crashing cymbals riot with the drummer just all over the place. And it's in a way that's spontaneous, yet smart and calculated. They're just amazing and exciting to watch live. There aren't many bands I see/hear that blow me away this much, but for some reason, I'm in awe each time. Seriously.

And this is shallow, but I'll even go as far as to say they LOOK amazingly hot on stage, too. I believe the phrase "walking sex" floated through my mind yesterday (that's a HeidiBlackwellism I like to use).
Then again, I have this problem where if I like someone's musical tastes, I think they're better looking (it's a problem, trust me) so don't give that statement too much weight.

Okay. I've shared and expressed. I'm done.


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