Friday, January 09, 2004

I've got high-speed internet at home! Yippee!

But I'm at work now. Boo!

In other apartment-related news: New roomie is working out well; very nice, considerate, and fun. Although still sans job. I'm not worried about her not paying rent, or breaking the lease, but I am wondering if she'll stick around when the lease is up in August, or move on to somewhere cheaper.

She and I did a little bit of roommate bonding yesterday. Through the kind gift of my neighbor, Brent, she and I got free tickets to the Preds game yesterday. Nice tickets, too. Turns out Brent plays guitar for the pop-country-singer-chick who sings during the period breaks, so he gets extra tickets sometimes. Anyway, they won in overtime, and are going to the playoffs, so: Yay, Nashville!

Following this, new roomie and I went to 3rd and Lindsley to see this country guy, Eric Heatherly. She's been talking about this show since she got here, so I decided to further roommate relationships and go along (and, well, she paid for my ticket). He was pretty good, playing a little bit bluesy and funky stuff along with what I'd call "regular" country (but then again, what do I know about country music? Not much.) All in all, I enjoyed it. Yes. I did.

Stop laughing at me.

I'll even add here that I did this instead of going to see Guided By Voices at the Exit/In.


I wonder how much of my friends/blog audience I drove away by admitting that.

Anyway, so that, plus a stop at the Gold Rush for a Sierra Nevada and a bean burrito, was my Thursday night.

Time to run -- NashvilleChris and I are picking up a couch being donated to me by my friend Eva's boyfriend, (he just got some schmancy job in Washington DC).
Even MORE desperately-needed furniture is being donated to me tomorrow, thanks to my neighbor John, who is replacing all his IKEA stuff with West Elm stuff (!).


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