Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Dumb silly trashy fun. I can't wait!

Today I booked the cabin for my Nashville crew's second annual Gatlinburg excursion. We went last year in late February, and it was a total blast. We spent a warm Saturday hiking in the Smokies through flooded trails, and it snowed later that night, so we went skiing on Sunday. Yes, you can ski in late February in Tennessee, although it's not recommended. It was decent in the morning/noontime, but as the sun came out some more, we were sliding down a sheet of ice. Got in a good 4 hours or so of skiing, but we're hoping that going earlier in Feb. will be a little bit more comfy. The experienced skiiers in our group notice how bad The O.G. is compared to real ski areas, but I know nothing about skiing anyway, so I can't tell.
While this cabin may not look particularly exciting from the pictures seen here, the hunter green-dusty rose floral-country decor is not so garish in person, and it actually has an awesome view, and a kick-ass layout (two decks, and a roofed outdoor hot tub next to the game room and a fireplace, among other goodies.) We think that the crappy pictures may be why we get such a good rate/easy rental for this one. I'll have to take some pics when I go this year.

Gatlinburg is such a cheesy town. Those t-shirt shops -- CLASSY stuff, man. Last year we fully embraced this aspect of the trip in part by going to Sam's Club beforehand and stocking up on such culinary classics as: two large bags of a snack item called "Munchies" (this also made us giggle), a 5 pound tub of cookie dough, 8 pounds of tater tots, a 64-pack of french toast sticks, and two frozen lasagnas. With the exception of the frozen lasagna (is that stuff made with ~50% salt?), I do hope we continue this tradition, as well.

In other news, my grant is done, and I'm finishing the fellowship app now.

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