Monday, December 08, 2003

What a weekend. I pretty much spent it doing one of the following three things:

1) Getting ready to go out.
2) Going out.
3) Recovering from going out.

Kind of silly, but fun. Saturday night was especially fun since I had a triple-header of holiday parties. The first was at the Country Music Hall of Fame, for the Anesthesiology Dept. (research and clinical divisions). MD parties = schmancy, schmancy. Very, very nice. I love the venue, and they have musicians playing in the different corners of the lobby, walking around and strumming Xmas tunes on guitars, as well. The food was just decent, but the bar was nicely stocked. Besides having Ketel One as their vodka, they had this blue gin (Magellan ... it's really blue) which was very yummy; but it did make my dirty martini look this kinda funny greenish sea-water color. Here's one weird thing though: no red wine. According to the bartender, the Hall of Fame allows no red wine to ever be served because of the staining potential of the stone (looks limestone-like) used in its lobby walls. I need to fact check this, but it's interesting, especially because they still served mixers like cranberry juice (less staining potential?)

I wonder what repeated usage of the phrase "staining potential" does for the google ads on the top of my page.

Other parties were for a research dept (at the Marriott... nothing of note, except dancing a bit) and then on to one at a friend-of-a-friends house in East Nashville. Very nice house and decor, in the increasingly typical city-bungalow-in-gentrified-area style. Great photography (mostly of legs). He had a few rooms which were yet to be painted, and had people write on the walls, which I enjoyed. Some people went a little too overboard/risque with that, though.

Obviously my memories of the later parts of that evening are not so clear. Hmm.
Wonder why.

One bad thing is that my cell phone has been MIA since then. Hopefully it'll turn up in someone's car or something.

I think I should get going on some work here now, but may post in later. I sure like writing about myself, don't I?


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