Thursday, December 04, 2003

Today I had a migraine all morning, and slept until noon. It sucked.

Frustrated, I went to student health for "something stronger" (They gave me naproxen last time. Bah, naproxen. )

Anyway, I got something stronger, and it's working rather well.
Maybe too well. I feel really good. In fact, I think I might be high. For example, I'm still working in lab, it's 11 PM, and I'm not minding that at all. This is good.

I'm going to go fly around outside now.

Oh, just kidding, I know I can't fly.

... I'll make wings first!

Kidding again. I'm kidding again. What's with all the kidding? Maybe I am high.

I better step away from the computer now before I continue rambling under the influence of my headache meds.


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