Tuesday, December 02, 2003

So, I'm here at my desk, gazing out our big picture windows over the Nashville skyline. It's a little bit skyline, a little bit "skyclump", as I used to call Atlanta's architectural landscape when I first moved there. Back then, I didn't think Atlanta had enough tall buildings in a concentrated area for it to really have a "skyline". Added to the fact that the buildings weren't linearly organized along a river (or other body of water), I'd describe the cityscape as consisting of a downtown skyclump and Buckhead skyclump. Obviously, I hadn't seen much of Atlanta, particularly the view driving up (down/west/east/whatever way it is) on Freedom Parkway.

At any rate, I just noticed there's what looks like a fire in the downtown/Germantown area, and I was trying to find some news on it online. I can't find anything recent Nashville-news-wise, and it made me realise one thing I miss about living in a big city area is the news. There's always stuff going on, and being updated. Newsradio just sounded different up there, all frenetic, busy, and seemingly important or exciting. And for some reason I remember it always being on in the background growing up, whether I was in the car stuck in traffic or on snowy days as I listened with undivided attention for my school to be annouced "closed".
We'd always listen to 1010WINS (here, a shout out to my cuz Francine, former newsperson on this station), and they have this weird beeping-tapping-blipping bumper music in between their news segments. It's not music at all, not really a jingle either... but whatever it was, it was catchy.

All news, all the time.

Anyway, here's what I came up with for Nashville news radio as per my search online:
Newsradio 1510 WLAC

Okay. If you're advertising Rush or Sean Hannity coming up next, isn't that TALKradio, not NEWSradio?

Oh, here's this, too:
1010 WINS: Homepage
Look, we give them 22 minutes, and they give us the world! (I thought that was the HeadlineNews slogan, though...)

While we're talking radio, here's a link to my fave freeform/college station (and you can listen to it live, too!): WFMU-FM 91.1/Jersey City, NJ; 90.1/Hudson Valley, NY
Let's put it this way: It was a college radio station (Upsala), and the college closed down in the early 90s (ish), but the station still exists now. I think that's telling.


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