Tuesday, December 09, 2003

My current roommate, Gabriela, is graduating and moving back to San Antonio at the end of December, so I've been searching for a roommate for the past month or so. The good news is I now have one (verbally confirmed) who seems very nice and compatible, and likes my apartment a lot. The "bad" news is that we haven't met each other in person, she hasn't actually seen the apartment, and she has no job as of now. I realize that does not sound like "bad" news, but perhaps "horrible what-the-fuck-are-you-thinking-Nicole" news. But, from extensively talking to her on the phone, plus giving the honest low-down on my place, and having her talk to my current roommate, it sounds like it'll work. That, and I don't want to meet any more people/tour them around my place. I can now move on with my life.

Other goings on of note: I am going to New Orleans for Christmas. Random, I know. The 'rents want to travel, as they have in the past, so that's where I'll be. If anyone will be there from December 22nd to the 27th, get in touch. Thus far I have made 4 dinner reservations for us that week. (Brennan's (brunch actually), Irene's, Bombay Club, Emeril's, if anyone's interested). I got hungry just typing that. More trip suggestions welcome.

New Year's plans are still ambiguous. I know I'll be back in Nashville on the 27th. As of now I'm feeling like not doing anything crazy-wild that will require a week of post-partying recovery, so I've pretty much backed out of the Miami/South Beach trip planned by members of my Nashville crew (sorry, guys). Yes, yes, I will regret missing out on this later, I know. And I am, to quote Efrain (who has recently stopped using this word for fear it alienates his friends) "LAME!". But, like I've said, slumming around Nashville and working on stuff around my apt. sounds good right now.


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