Saturday, December 20, 2003

I'm looking online for info on fragrances similar to my mom's fave perfume, Diorissimo, and I came across this website:

osMoz, the first thematic site dedicated to perfume

I love it! Obviously it caters to my girly/high-maintenance tendencies, but it also gives all this technical information about fragrance notes, esters, production methods... and I really think the whole fragrance family categorization is cool, too. I looked up my favorite perfumes and I seem to be predominately a "floral-fruity" type, with a few "floral-aquatics", too. I'm pretty surprised that my scent preferences do fall into families, as I thought my tastes were kinda random.

I like the phrase "floral-fruity". Saying it to myself makes me happy. Floral-fruity!

Anyway, thought I'd share. Oh, also, this is the first time I really used the Google toolbar Blogger button for its intended purpose. Crazy.


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