Wednesday, December 31, 2003

First, merry christmas!

Second, happy new year!

My New Orleans trip was fun. It was my fourth time there, and one of the more peaceful times, with no conferences in town (I went for the FASEB/Experimental Biology conference in 2002) and no party-oriented holidays (my first NO visit was for a friend's wedding, and I stayed for NYE 2001/02. Trip three was for Halloween 2002).
I did walk down Bourbon St. after church (at the St. Louis Cathedral - very nice!) on Christmas Day, and there were people out drinking (at NOON) but just beer and stuff, nothing crazy. It's one of the more Christmas-sy cities I've been to -- lots of decorations and holiday events. And of course, excellent food. Breakfast at Brennan's was awesome, and I really liked Emeril's (kinda expected it to be over-hyped, but nope, it's damn good). I've been to Irene's before, and still really like it, as well. I want to go into excessive detail about everything I ate, but I'm just going to make myself hungry and begin to lament about living in a non-Zagat's area. (Nashville is the first non-Zagat-guide-having location I've ever lived in. Woe. Even New Jersey has one.) That, and I have to finish up some work before I leave here, and I just realized it's getting late.

So anyway, I'm back, and super busy with a grant application, a fellowship application, and routine lab stuff... as well as with new roomie moving in on the 2nd. I totally cleaned my apartment over the past few days... with some, er, help. I feel so weird about having done this but I actually hired someone to clean my apartment. After reading Nickel and Dimed, I feel like all agency-based cleaning personnel are horribly treated/underpaid. So it's bad enough that I'm slovenly and lazy, but now I'm slovenly, lazy and IMMORAL. I think they're talking about this agencyin that book, but I used a local service (they had special get-acquainted coupon) called .... Domestic Angels. Is it just me, or is that a really weird name? Anyway, I of course still had to preclean prior to her coming over, but it really made a difference because unlike me, she knew what the hell she was doing, and plus it saved me a shitload of time.

Anyway, my apartment is clean. Very clean. Those of you who know me well know that this is a big deal for me, thus necessitating a whole paragraph of writing about it. Oh, and the other day I also found this website which is all about cleaning for people like me who lack cleaning instincts. It's bizarre, in that let's-make-up-unneccessary-acronyms-for-things way, but is, however, very informative.

Ok, I need to go figure out what the hell I'm doing tonight. I know it will involve friends, music, and alcohol, but that's about it. I've fallen into the non-hyped NYE mode so much that I have non-hyped it to the point of not making any definitive plans.

Anyway, be safe, have fun, and happy new year!


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