Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Well, another boy update. And I swear I'm not always this boy crazy. You've just caught me at a bad time (or I started this blog at an inopportune time, rather.)

So, NewChad and I had lunch today and I got the "let's just be friends" line. Part of me is sad because, hey, he's cute and fun to hang with, but on the flip side of things, I gave myself props for picking up on him being distant/weird, and for not completely freaking out (or freaking out at all, really), as I feel I might have done in the past. No, it wasn't the room being messy, he claims, (yes, I actually asked. Shit, at this point, why not? I was curious.), but rather he thought things were moving too fast, and he wasn't ready for a relationship. Hmm. Honestly, I don't feel like I was being clingy or anything like that, although I did really like hanging out with him, and just chatting and being silly with him, etc. At any rate, we did talk about our newfound "friendship" some, and his version of "let's be friends" seems to be "let's really not talk or see each other very much at all, because we had too much going on for us to really be friends anyway." Unfortunate. And I might be biased, but I'd now like to re-state my current opinion/realization: he's weird.

All in all, I'm taking it as well as one could take things.

Side note: Now that I have gone through 3/4 of the names from the 727Myrtle House (<-- for those non ATLiens, that's the midtown atlanta house which was the epicenter of my uiniverse for about 2(?) years), in terms of either dating/crushing on, I am tempted to seek out someone named "Jerry", just for the hell of it.
At the same time, if I did happen to meet someone named Jerry, I think I'd be kind of scared.

In other news, I was immediately cheered up after lunch by going to attend that science journalism class I'm sitting in on. The speaker today was a hard news investigative type -- non-science, just talking about structuring/writing articles. He was just so journalisty, and animated, and passionate about his work and his writing, that I couldn't help but to get excited too. Call me a dork, but it was really that inspiring. I could go on... I'll have to talk more about this class, and why I love it, in a later post.

All things considered, passion is good. Just a thought.

In lab now, but am going to go home, go running (it's dark, but I feel the need to clear my head and stuff), and then go drinking with friends... drinking is not in response to NewChad, though, but rather because two of my friends had their first thesis committee meetings today, so we're off to celebrate. Yay!


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