Monday, November 17, 2003

This weekend was highly uneventful in comparison to its potential, as was projected in Friday's post.

Plus, I think I got "dumped" by two guys I wasn't even dating; how the hell does that happen? Sigh. Sad.

Not really in the mood to dwell on that on the moment.

The Neil Diamond cover band was really good, at least.

In other news, I've been taking a pottery class on Monday nights, through the Art Center at Cenntenial Park, and just had my last official class tonight. It's been pretty fun, but my pottery throwing skills need work. I think I'm good at picking glazes for my lopsided pots, though, as I got several compliments on the glazes for my last few pieces. (That just reminded me of Jason Lee's "inker" scene in Chasing Amy. I identify.) It is funny, though, how I've taken this art class, as well as a stained glass class, with the idea that it will be a relaxing break from workstuff, but often end up spending a portion of each class gritting my teeth and getting pissy at things not working. Hmm, stress management classes might be a better fit for next time. And while I can't give stress management away as Christmas gifts, I can't really give away my floppy pots as gifts, anyway.

Time to do some reading for school before meeting my roomie for (late!) dinner at RuSan's. (Yup, we now have one here in Nashville, too. We even currently have the Buckhead location chefs/waitstaff since they closed that one for renovations.)


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