Friday, November 14, 2003

Ten Minutes to Blog

First, a recap of an email exchange between Jerry and I.
I wrote:
Unfortunately I've been too busy to blog this week thus far. (still haven't finished the article I mentioned)
It's been a crazy week.

And Jerry wrote:
It's so EASY to blog. It just takes 10 minutes (of course that's what people probably tell you bout picking up your room, eh?)
So, so true, especially if you know my bedroom maintenance tendencies.
Sometimes, Jerry's right.

I know I have a tendency to be long winded, especially in the email genre. And it FEELS like work (Hey, I'm in front of a computer!) but isn't. Very good for procrastinating, very bad for me ever graduating. So today I've given myself a time limit, so I don't type on/avoid working/go overboard forever. I literally set my lab timer for it.

And dammit, I have THREE minutes left?! What the hell! OK, I spent at LEAST 5 minutes looking at how to bold things, make links, and copy that email. That shouldn't count. I'm adding 5 minutes to this timer. No, wait, I'm starting again. That was my intro. Ok... go.

Remaining: 10:00

I am sitting and staring at the screen.

Speaking about cleaning my room, I think I scared off NewChad with my messy room. We crashed at my place after the wine showcase we went to on Tuesday (60+ wines, 1 hour, 10 bucks!). I was not really expecting him to stay, but oops!, drunk. Anyway, my room was trashed (as was I, pretty much). Being that he seems like a neat, orderly metro. sort of guy, I'm sure he was revolted. Sigh. We'll see how it goes.

Why did that take 3 minutes to write? That wasn't very interesting. Anyway, other interesting things going on:


Have I shared yet that I've become increasingly interested in pro and college sports? Yup, especially when gambling on 'em. Hello, new vice. Anyway, last year I won my work March Madness Pool, as well as NashvilleChris' office pool at Deloitte. Cash Money, baby. This has inspired my dad to include me in his office football pool this year. I still know hardly anything about football, teams, etc., but I'm learning, and making picks based on ESPN articles, as well as other sites which are not so technical, but fun to read.

Look, I used links. Whee. Too bad it ate away at my typing minutes.

Weekend plans include seeing a Neil Diamond cover band tonight, attending a grad school "mixer", finishing cleaning my room (I had to overhaul it on Wednesday and Thursday, anyhow, since I lost my keys... found 'em though, buried deep in my roomie's car.), and using my free tickets to the Vandy-UK game tomorrow if it doesn't rain... yep, me at a football game! crazy, I know, but I've never been to a college football game before, and I'm looking forward to a new experience. I went to my first real live baseball game EVER a few months ago. It was neat, but scared the crap out of me. The guy RIGHT in front of me got hit in the shoulder/chest with a foul ball. Straight shot ("line drive"?) into his body. He bruised instantly. I was both frightened and fascinated. I don't know if it's a minor league thing or what, but people were getting the crap knocked out of them left and right, especially in my section. I know all about the peanuts/popcorn guys from movies about baseball, but no one shows the paramedics pulling unconscious elderly women out of their seats onto stretchers.

As you can guess, my timer ran out already and is now counting up. Eh, fuck it. But I will stop rambling now.


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