Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Greetings from sunny New Jersey. Flew in yesterday (wasn't very crowded at all), and I'm staying 'til Saturday. I always think I'm going to get the most out of my ticket by taking long trips up here, but only when I get here am I reminded that staying at my parents' house drives me batty. I miss my apartment. And its water pressure. Happily, Kerry has new digs of her own, so I have somewhere else to stay, too.

No big plans yet. Kind of too tired to make big plans of any sort. Was sick and slept all day on Friday, thus screwing up my sleep schedule completely. I went to bed at ~6AM on Saturday and Sunday (waking up in the afternoons) and Sunday/Monday I just stayed up 'til my flight. Hence, exhaustion.

In other news...

Today I used the word "y'all" when talking to a store clerk. I wanted to slap myself.

Had a good weekend, which included playing the new Pop Culture DVD-enhanced trivial pursuit game. Very fun. Highly recommended. Fun was enhanced by the fact that I was on the winning team, and surprisingly, I rocked out on a good share of questions, even under multiple influences. Then again, I was probably on the lesser side of fucked-up-ness compared to everyone else, so that likely had something to do with it.

Another excursion of note is going to see Rebecca Gates (of the Spinanes) play this past Wednesday. She was sick, her set was short, and the sound system sucked, but even still, she was great.

I have more thoughts on all that, but damn I'm tired. And damn I'm going to bed now.


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