Friday, November 28, 2003


I am so hungry, yet I've been eating and drinking non-stop for days.

Thanksgiving eve I had a huge dinner out with my parents (fried calamari, penne alla vodka, salad, ricotta cheesecake, 3 glasses of wine), then went out to Hoboken with Kerry and drank lots (I remember seeing Yuengling on tap at one place, and getting excited about/ordering that, but otherwise I can't remember all I drank). Hit a diner at 4 AM Thanksgiving morning and had tons of breakfast food and coffee. (I seem to be doing the full-breakfast-at-4-AM thing a lot lately.)

For my family's thanksgiving meal, my mom made reservations. We ate a huge buffet-style meal at this schmnacy place (ooh, I can use a LINK here) where I ate all these oysters, and shrimp, and seafood salads, plus more cheesecake, fruit tarts, etc. At least this time I limited myself drink-wise (one mimosa... made with Cointreau. Do people usually make mimosas with Cointreau? I need to look that up.) I then went to Thanksgiving Part 2 at Kerry's and ate/drank more there (her mom makes the BEST ever apple pie).

Returning home, my parents got on my nerves again, thus encouraging me to go to Kerry's and drink more.

Today's food included apple pie for breakfast, and 1/2 of one of those fresh mozzarella balls.

I just realized that's about a quarter pound of CHEESE.
Oh my god. I am going to explode.

Right now, my mom's downstairs cooking a turkey (finally, some turkey.) She didn't want to cook ON Thanksgiving, but the next day, she doesn't mind. I guess it's a matter of principle.

Now that I've shared my food and drink intake for the last 3 days...

My mom just called up to say the turkey's done.

Which is good, because I'm hungry.

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